Ocean Lullaby

      Ocean Lullaby live at the Brooklyn Music Academy

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Voted “Best” of just about everything by The Miami New Times, Lee who describes himself as a Singer, Rhymesmith, Songwriter, Poet, Producer, Storyteller and Musician is set to release his sophomore album  Naked replete with his signature thought provoking prose tackling issues like Religion, HIV, Racial Contemplation and Love.

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Urbanology Magazine Features Lee

It’s rare that we turn on the TV or radio and hear music playing that speaks on relevant, pressing issues such as HIV and race just to name a couple. But turn on poet/singer, Lee, and hear just that. His music is a change from the everyday mainstream music you hear, refreshing and relatable, and not bound to one genre. Getting ready for the release of his latest album, Naked, Lee talks about his experience with the project, as well as, life. Humble and honest, Lee sheds light, inspiration and wisdom not only through his music and poetry but also in conversation.

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