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Voted “Best” of just about everything by The Miami New Times, Lee who describes himself as a Singer, Rhymesmith, Songwriter, Poet, Producer, Storyteller and Musician is set to release his sophomore album  Naked replete with his signature thought provoking prose tackling issues like Religion, HIV, Racial Contemplation and Love.

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Urbanology Magazine Features Lee

It’s rare that we turn on the TV or radio and hear music playing that speaks on relevant, pressing issues such as HIV and race just to name a couple. But turn on poet/singer, Lee, and hear just that. His music is a change from the everyday mainstream music you hear, refreshing and relatable, and not bound to one genre. Getting ready for the release of his latest album, Naked, Lee talks about his experience with the project, as well as, life. Humble and honest, Lee sheds light, inspiration and wisdom not only through his music and poetry but also in conversation.

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Spread Love, It’s The Brooklyn Way…

Thanks so much for the love, Brooklyn! I didn’t expect to feel so sentimental about coming back and performing in Brooklyn and at BAM. But it was really a pleasure. I was really moved by the support and appreciation that you showed and how receptive everyone was to the music. Being from Miami I have always considered myself a Miami boy at heart, although I feel like New York City is where I matured into a musician and really grew up. So to be able to be gone and come back and share with you what I have learned and experienced and have you receive it so well was really both humbling and flattering. I can’t say enough how much I appreciated the warm reception that you gave us. It was a joy playing with Mike, as we haven’t played together for years. You never know what to expect, but then it always feels so familiar and like riding a bike. Having the chance to share in what I have been doing and rekindle that vibe we shared for so many years was a joy. It makes me long for the old days of The Square Egg. But I know that we must all move on and keep growing, perhaps to continue to make ourselves better. Alex, Asahni and Frank were great. I had a good time playing with those cats as well. Just sharing music and being musicians is really all there is to it. It’s really great. Thanks for lending me your talents to share in what was a great nice. I can’t say enough how much... read more

La Primavera!

Big thanks and shout out to the folks at Matienzo and the Triple F crew for putting on a great show. Everyone was amazing. I really enjoyed the music. Can’t say enough about how much fun it was. The band was great. The last addition horns were killer as well. We had a great time. It was a great way to kick into the spring here in Buenos Aires. A night of funk, fun and dancing. And now I hop on a plane to NYC tomorrow to take my brand of tunes to New York City. I’m looking forward to it. It should be a fun season swap, and I’m looking forward to bringing a hot night of music to cut through that brisk autumn night chill in Brooklyn. Stay... read more

Spring is here!

So it’s shaping up to be a great spring for me. I’ve started work on a new album. The title is a reflection of the place I’m in right now, and my observations about the current social climate. It’s coming together quite well. I’m happy with the direction that it’s taking. Next Friday I have a show at BeBop Club. Then Matienzo. Then I’m off to New York for a show at BAM. Then I return for another show at Sheldon Bar in Buenos Aires. It’s really a fun and exciting time for me. I’m doing exactly what I want to be doing and I hope that I am sharing something special with people. Anyway, maybe the album will be done by the end of the summer here in Buenos Aires. I always enjoy this process. Stay... read more